New Way Media has launched 3D Hologram LED Fan under “Digital 3D Branding”

The advertising industry always requires creative things, new things to attract attention from customers. Currently, on the market almost all types of LED panels and banners are used to promote products. Besides, science and technology are constantly innovating to invent tools and equipment for human life. New Way Media has launched 3D Hologram LED Fan under “Digital 3D Branding”. Let's find out the advantages of 3D LED Fan below:

- Holographic advertising equipment uses high-density rotating led lights to display 3D graphics or 3D videos.

- Vivid and realistic 3D images, hovering in the air make viewers get the most realistic experience.

- Supports content formats such as MP4, JPEG, jpg, gif, , avi, rmvb, mpeg, jpeg, png, rmvb, mkv, wmv, mov, flv,...

- Advertising content can be edited flexibly through smart devices, connected to wifi for use and controlled via the app or iCloud.

- With different size designs, 3D projection can be a great experience to add to your store.

Please contact New Way Media for more details of products and services.

Hotline: 0902 280 323

Website: www.newwaymedia.vn

Email: Sales@newwaymedia.vn

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